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STARL Living Module. Another sale coming soon.

STARL Living Modules

The STARL Metaverse is taking virtual real estate to the stars in the form of inhabitable spacecraft called Living Modules.

In the STARL Marketplace, Living Modules are sold as NFTs in Small, Medium, Large, and Luxury sizes. The module sizes are the discerning cost factor for the Small, Medium, and Large units. Luxury units are auctioned, and the price reflects artist designs and the rarity of the items’ properties.

The first two sets of Living Modules were Limited Edition ‘Artist Rendition’ NFTs. Each item in those sets has a unique design created by one of the many talented 3D artists in the STARL Artist Collective, including many with unique sound sets. These limited edition Living Module NFTs will act as key cards to access your living space in the metaverse. A third Limited Edition Artist set is due to release very soon. As the STARL Metaverse Project grows, standard economic module designs will be introduced to all travelers of STARL. Artist Rendition Modules will grow to be rare and collectible, while future standard economic modules will evolve to be the most common.

Concept art of the interior layout of a STARL Living Module.

There will be a portal within the STARL Metaverse Hub to access your Living Modules. The Wyrmbyte team is deep in designing the portal access to these Living Modules and preparing the units’ interior layout and interactive functions for each size. The below concept art is based on a Large unit. While many aspects will change within design and development, it is an excellent insight into the plans for a Living Module interior and the start of what is possible. The team plans to make interactive aspects to the units, such as viewing NFTs, and as time goes on, the ability to customize, store items and outfits and view videos and games is a possibility. These are all speculative plans while the basics are being developed, but they can evolve with feedback from the community.

STARL Living Module. Another sale coming soon.

Join the conversation on the Official Discord or Telegram for Warp Nexus by Wyrmbyte. For more information on the STARL Metatverse Project, visit STARL Overview.

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