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STARL Arena Grand Reveal Party!

??One small click to login, one giant leap into the Metaverse.

It is almost time!

On Friday, May 6, 2022, from 19:00–00:00 UTC, the STARL Metaverse Project brings festivities from our universe into the metaverse with a Grand Reveal Party to celebrate the progress being made- as well as a celebration, not only of the STARL Arena, our partnerships with Amoeba Music, and Subtractive Studios, but of the community, the team, and the efforts of all involved in making this a reality.

The event will feature DJs from non-profit radio station dublab, appearances from STARL’s incredible team, interactive competitions, giveaways, and more!

The Grand Reveal will be the first time the public gets to experience the STARL Hub, the central location of our Metaverse. Upon entering Hub, users will walk through the starlit hall of the spacecraft while viewing reflections of a nearby burning star and a STARL-themed centerpiece. Portal doorways line the hall’s perimeter, and one, in particular, is the focus: the Arena entrance. As users step through the portal, interactive lights, lasers, and even flying robotic speakers and screens fill the display and bounce off the reflective surfaces. Below, a massive water-filled dancefloor bounces the light from a center-stage screen, and numerous side rooms and lounges await to be teleported to and explored.

Providing the party beats will be our friends at dublab, a non-profit international collective of DJs who broadcast hundreds of radio programs and have created live audio and visual events worldwide for over 20 years. With a keen eye for talent and forward-thinking DJs and producers, they have continued to push the envelope and direction of live events locally to worldwide. As a result, dublab has become a significant source of influence and respect from many of the top artists in the music industry and has helped shape live events to become more exciting, and vibrant for all who attend.

On top of their vast resume, dublab has been involved in many record releases, film projects, art exhibitions, and event productions, including being the resident DJs at the 2022 Oscar Award Show.?

On a technical note, the event will incorporate what’s referred to in the gaming world as ’instances,’ meaning that there will be a cap starting at 100 people per environment. This number is not permanent, but it is where the team will start load-testing instances. When multiple instances are open, users will be able to move between them when they are not at max capacity. As the team explores how many users can be in the environment at once, statistics will be monitored and collected, such as CPU usage, memory usage, and network bandwidth.

The STARL team plans to weigh traffic and volume and adjust settings however needed to ensure the best experience possible for every user to ensure you and your friends will get to party together while orbiting through space.

“We are so excited to finally invite everyone into the environment we have been building for our community. We have made so many improvements since the last test where we received so much great feedback. Users are encouraged to test and report any issues or feedback while in the Hub and Arena to the Telegram chat.” — Scott Brown.

The Grand Arena Reveal will be the first of many experiences in the STARL Universe and a taste of what’s to come. As the team designs and develops the vast universe piece by piece, more portals will open to the public, including Wyrmbyte’s intergalactic space battle MMO Warp Nexus, the STARL Arcade (Starcade), Living Modules, and more!


Amoeba Hollywood @amoebamusic

Amoeba Music is the world’s largest independent record store, venue, and co-host to the Amoebaverse Series coming soon to the STARL Metaverse Arena. >>Learn More

Subtractive Studios

SUBTRACTIVE is a multimedia production company that creates content for broadcast, retail, and live events. A collective of talented, driven, and like-minded individuals, SUBTRACTIVE is a constantly evolving entity… focused on the expansion of an emerging culture where music, art, and technology converge. The company nurtures and supports new hybrid forms of artistic expression, and gives them a platform to be seen, heard, and experienced. >>Learn More


Wyrmbyte specializes in the creation of online games. We build titles for social and mobile platforms. We have been working together as a team for 10 years building online games. We are a small but passionate team. We are always looking for great opportunities in the online gaming space. >>Learn More

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Join the conversation on the Official Discord or Telegram for Warp Nexus by Wyrmbyte. For more information on the STARL Metatverse Project, visit STARL Overview.

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